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  • Best value for money. Ideal for budget-minded users; however, may not attract highly professional designers. (Expect around 10 designers)

  • Moderate budget, able to attract excellent designers. (Expect around 20 designers)

    - Bonus: We will promote your contest to our Certified Designers

    - Bonus: Dedicated account manager

  • Able to attract highly professional designers. (Expect around 40 designers)

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    - Bonus: Dedicated account manager

  • Able to attract most talented designers and get priority support. (Expect around 50 designers)

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    - Bonus: Free business card design

    - Bonus: Dedicated account manager

  • US$ (US$99 minimum)

Do you want to post a Witmart-Assurance Contest? (No extra fee!)

Minimum number of designers work on the Witmart-Assurance Contest:

- 10 designers for Economy Package.

- 20 designers for Value Package.

- 40 designers for Professional Package.

- 50 designers for Premium Package.

* Witmart-Assurance Contest will not be eligible for refund unless Witmart fails to ensure the number of designers.

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